20% off on Takeout Menus and Flyers!

20% off Plus Free Shipping on Takeout Menus and Flyers!

We are going through some scary times right now with COVID-19.   Therefore we need to listen to the authorities on the best way to conduct ourselves and respect the rule of law and social distancing.  Ohio’s governor has issued the closure for all restaurants and bars.    Many other states are following suite.  COVID-19 is not only affecting people medically, but also hurting many businesses.  We at Eveready Printing realize that COVID-19 is causing many disruptions, so this is why we have decided to offer 20% off Takeout Menus and Flyers! on our online store WePrintQuick.com   Use promo code “TAKEOUT” at checkout.  But wait, there is more! 

We are also going to offer FREE GROUND SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES! After you place your order, we will credit your shipping the next day on your credit card.

For waterproof menus click here!

These two discounts are NOT valid with any other offer. Free Shipping can only be used for “Takeout Flyers, Brochures, and Menus.”  Offer expires 6/30/2020.  Order must be paid via credit card in full to take advantage of the free ground shipping.